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Raindrops on Roses

Or Canola, basically the same thing right?

We are starting another week on the tail of a thunderstorm and riding the rolling clouds through the rain and hail. Even through what might be called miserable weather, I am so very excited to announce that we have cut through the red tape and have moved into the building permit phase. While it might seem silly to celebrate a little piece of paper, being issued a building permit means that we have established plans to meet all the code requirements that will give us an occupancy permit. This is what we need to fling open our doors and invite you all in! So it's official. We will be able to open those doors soon! Yeah!

This means I can start setting up registration for some programs and classes and get the slow grinding wheels of forward momentum creeking into go.

I have a short sighted goal of September (late September) for our very first Forest School session and some other plans that I will develop slowly (while deep breathing). I welcome all feedback so please connect if you have ideas, or needs, or ideals or even just coffee. I could always use a little coffee.

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