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Wild Child Forest School

Forest School Programs adhere to: regular and repeated access to a natural space, as well as child-directed, emergent and inquiry-based learning. The defining feature of this type of nature-based education program is that children are provided with opportunities to build an on-going relationship with the land, to a dedicated educator, to one another, and to themselves through this educational lens. - Forest School Canada

FALL Semester 2019
10 weeks


September 25- November 27




September 27- November 29






*NEW* 2 Registration Discount

If you are registering 2 students for 1 day a week

If you are registering 1 student for 2 days a week

400.00 per semester

Discount will be applied to all additional children registered in the same semester/class.

Availability is limited. Registration will be confirmed before final.

Forest School is a recreation program that allows for repeated visits to natural spaces for prolonged periods of investigation and play. As a group, we learn to exist together and solve problems together. There is time and space for curiosity to drive our inquiry based learning curriculum. We spend at least 80% of our day outside, observing and participating in the world around us. We use the phenomenons that occur through the day as opportunities to learn and make connections. We look for ways to make our learning visible through the 100 languages of children, including art, language, music, math and science.

Play is the most important part of development and creativity. It is essential to deep, meaningful learning and to processing the ever-changing understanding of the world around us. In this spirit, we balance our day with activities that are open ended and plenty of time for freely chosen play within routines and boundaries. We often observe and document this play and use it to give us insight into what the children are interested in and where their understanding lies. When activities are freely chosen and open ended, each child is able to work at their own level. This allows for multiple ages and various skills and abilities to work together and move forward at their own pace and within their individual needs.


This nature-based education program will follow on the practices and educational philosophy of Forest School Canada.