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We envisioned a place in the forest where we could run in the grass, hide between trees, splash in the water, create, muck, giggle and inhale all the fresh good air. We needed a place to be wild and free. A safe place for mistakes and discoveries. A place where we could adventure and get a healthy snack. Wild Child was born from the idea that we need to be outside (a lot), that we are are willing to try new things, we were born artists, we are natural scientists, we are built to learn in our own way in our own time,  the earth is important and our future self needs us to spend time playing in the mud.  Then one day we found a log cabin in the woods...


Wild People

Michelle has a diploma in Early Childhood Education and is working towards her Forest School Practioner certification through Forest School Canada. She studies the work of Reggio Emilia and is a passionate advocate for play in learning.

Michelle has worked as a program director, preschool teacher, recreation programer and yoga (for kids) instructor for 15 years. She homeschools her two children, one of whom has special needs.

She loves her vintage 1988 cruiser bike and collects rocks.

Wild Child Alternative Education is a Reggio Inspired space for children and families

We are not for sitting still or holding back. We are for making meaningful messes and roaring like lions. We are for the wild ones...

May the forest be with you.

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