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Rain Rain Go Away (Or stay, stay and play)

It's been a grey rainy day here at the cabin and we've managed to make some discoveries that would have been impossible on a beautiful sunny day. We learned it can be sunny and it can be raining at the same time. That led to some questions and some hypothesis (yet to be tested). We watched the clouds rolling by and we noticed that the treetops were not swaying. Why is that? Maybe the wind is strong enough to move the clouds but not strong enough to move the trees? Maybe. Maybe the clouds are really ships and are moving on their own. Maybe.

The important lesson from our time in the dreary grey, playing peek-a-boo with the sun is not what clouds are, it is the wondering where the clouds are going to. It's the experiencing of the science of the water cycle without the labels and charts. It's a memory to draw on later, a dot to connect to something down the road as we experience 'understanding' in stages. It's important not to have everything all at once. Sometimes we need to sit and be still in the presence of things we will understand later.

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