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Chop Chop, I'm gonna build a cabin.

I'm so excited to begin the documentation process for Wild Child. It has been many moons since we started digging and planning for the future and it has started to really come to an exciting place.

The space has come a long way since we first walked through the overgrowth. The grass and the trees are starting to grow, and the renovations are almost complete.

The cabin is located on 1 acre of well treed land. The property was neglected and it has been an enormous job to clean out the debris and the potential. Bigger than I ever knew, and I'm glad I didn't know. I may not have been so naively brave.

Meanwhile, June has brought some familiar visitors to our door: the eyed hawk moth.

What I love about this moth in particular is what he is hiding under his primary wings. Although he didn't give me a good look, he did demonstrate a lot of rapid wing movement and I was curious, so I looked it up. Apparently he was vibrating his wings to warm up his muscles, getting ready to take flight.

I feel you buddy. I feel you.

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