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WiLD Lunar YeaR Club




Full Moon Celebrations

Family Drop-In: 20.00



Sunday, Jan 20: Wolf Moon

Tuesday, Feb 19: Snow Moon

Wednesday, Mar 20: Worm Moon

Friday, Apr 19: Pink Moon

Saturday, May 18: Flower Moon

Monday, Jun 17: Strawberry Moon


Tuesday, Jul 16: Buck Moon
Thursday, Aug  15: Sturgeon Moon
Friday, Sep 13: Harvest Moon


Sunday, Oct 13: Hunter's Moon
Tuesday, Nov 12: Beaver Moon

Wednesday, Dec 11: Quiet Moon

What Is Included In Each MOnth

  • Lunar calendar

  • Full moon history

  • Moondala

  • Phenology wheel and guide

  • Full Moon Forest story and map

  • Lunar art activity

  • Moon treat/recipe

  • Zentangle coloring sheet

  • Resources & support for emotional growth component

  • Book & song playlist

What Is Included In Each SeasoN/Year

  • Discounts on class/event registrations that support the Kids Moon club curriculum.

  • 20.00$ savings on the drop-in/monthly fee  when you register for a season.

  • 10.00 per month when  you register for the full year.

  • Priority registration for all events and classes

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