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Are you a Supertaster?

Thursday, Feb 23 -FULL (Please add name to waiting list)

1:00-3:00    Ages 6-12

10.00 per participant

Come join us for a lab study on our taste buds and the genetics that dictate how we taste certain foods. 25% of our population are what scientists believe to be supertasters who are highly sensitive to the bitter flavours in our foods.


Wild Child is committed to learning through a variety of methodologies. We will be doing hands on experiments, playing (outside) and moving around during this class. We will also include a 3 minute video explaining what happens to food when it is tasted. Resources will be available to take home and do further exploration if desired.


- We will taste foods from the sweet, salty, umami (savory), sour and bitter categories (provided)

- We will conduct controlled experiments to find out where we land on the tastebud spectrum (using test strips).

- We will dye our tongues (using blue or green dye) to take a look at our own taste buds.

- We will look at taste buds under a low power microscope an using magnifiers.

- We will make learning connections on the subjects of genetics and biology and record our findings to take home.

- We will spend some time getting to know ourselves and our preferences and exactly why we might like different things. (Emotional Intelligence)

- We will chart the findings for the group as a whole (Statistics, Percentages, Fractions)


Please notify us of any food allergies. Please pack a small snack and a water bottle to ensure we enjoy the entire afternoon.


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