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deck only - trucks/wheels not included


May 27-June 24


Ages 12-adult

Choice of lil'Rocket Deck or Street Deck


Includes basic overview of skateboard construction and design. Studio time for painting/drawing and grip tape.

Maker Homeschool intensive: DIY SKATEBOARD

deck only - trucks/wheels not included

1 week

April 15th - 19th (5 Days)



Ages 10-18

Program requires a minimum registration to run.

Choice of lil'Rocket Deck or Street Deck


Includes curriculum supporting learning outcomes for Math, Art and Science (multiple grades, see below for details) as well as woodworking and safety.

We will be making the deck using a Thin Air press from the Roarocket DIY kit. Class includes all the tools, materials and support required to complete the project from start to finish.

The completed project will be ready for trucks/wheels on the final day of classes (Not supplied).

The class will be taught by Michelle with the help from Craig, a Journeyman Carpenter who will help us understand woodworking safety, technique and problem solving. This is an introductory level course.


Homeschool Class

Each class will be broken into three parts: Woodworking, Art/Design and Physics

Some of things we may cover in class (Taken from the Roarocket DIY Kits)

Points of Learning:


  • preparing veneer sheets with sand paper

  • understanding grain direction of wood veneers

  • why has the skateboard industry standardized on 7 layers in a deck?

  • what is the order of grain direction in a deck?

  • is all maple the same?

  • what other kinds of wood can be used for skateboards?

  • is bamboo a wood?

  • understanding the strength vs. flexibility of maple veneer

  • why do the veneers change length and width on their own?

  • what sorts of glue are used for wood laminating

  • how do they make colored veneer?

  • using colored veneer, internally or as a face sheet

  • using inlay or marquetry as a decorative finish


  • how does a vacuum bag work as a clamp and why use it?

  • what’s the difference between a vacuum cleaner and the Thin Air Press hand pump?

  • why not use an industrial electric vacuum pump?

  • using a hand scraper, hand plane, spoke shave or rasp to finish the edges

  • what grades of sandpaper to use, and in what order to smooth the deck?

  • how to use a wood clamp

  • what other uses would the Thin Air Press be good for?


  • clear coatings, which to use, when and why?

  • stains, water-based or spray (solvent) paints, which to use and why?

  • how to apply stains, paints and coatings successfully

  • sanding between finish coats for exceptional finishes

Math, Science and the Physics of Vacuum Pressure

Points of Learning:

  • what is vacuum?

  • what is atmospheric pressure?

  • how is vacuum pressure measured?

  • how many psi per deck is generated inside a Thin Air Press?

  • why does the foam mold not crush under the pressure?

  • when does water boil?

  • why does the skateboard glue dry in the vacuum bag but not in the bottle?

  • how does vacuum relate to outer space?

  • what would happen if astronauts didn’t wear space suits?

  • study vacuum technology in the sports, aeronautics and other industries

Art and Design

Points of Learning:

Designing Skateboard Graphics

  • Elements and Principles of Design

  • Brand creation - personal, the school brand or perhaps a fundraising effort

  • Logo design - engage a local design firm to nurture ideas

  • Copyright and intellectual property rights of art

  • Social Messaging - local and world street art

Skateboard Art Culture

  • Stencil / Street art

  • Skate Park art (perhaps a field trip?)

  • Pop culture relating to skateboards

  • History of skateboard art

  • Graffiti and street art, current and historical

Design Concepts

  • Stages of design, from thumbnail sketches to final layouts

  • Color theory, terms and definitions

  • Type fonts, hand lettering

  • Using symbols to represent other things


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