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Wild Child Nature School

Nature School at Wild Child is a play based program that explores natural themes and phenomenon. Students will explore ideas and make connections through experiences, technology, art, experimentation and project-work. Students will be encouraged through questions, provocations and invitations to participate. Group sizes are mindfully small.

Fall Session - Ages 5-10
10 Weeks
Thursdays - 2 Spots Remaining

September 27 - November 29



*NEW* 2 Registration Discount

If you are registering 2 students then the cost changes to 325.00

Focus: Decomposition and Seasonal Change

We will study living creatures and plants for observation and documentation.

We will participate in citizen science projects as a group.

We will care for plants and animals and observe different impacts of different growing conditions.

We will practice asking questions and attempting to answer those questions.

We will create experiments that express ideas about change.

We will document the weather and the conditions around us as they change.


Art Projects:

Materials from Natural Sources


Seasonal Cycles

Science Projects:

Composting vs decomposition: Observing different states of decomposition. How do insects/worms impact the change?

Why do leaves change colour? (a physical experiment)

Math Projects



Numeracy in our daily life

Language Arts


Reference Books


Journal (Daily)


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